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Subproject 3

The University Medical Center Göttingen investigates how patient organizations perceive ethical problems of digitalization as well as how they attempt to solve these problems independently (called “ethical governance”). In particular, the research team is responsible for conducting focus groups with representatives of patient organizations. The focus group discussions should help to better understand the perspective of patient organizations on issues of digitalization. The focus of the group discussions will be on what constitutes appropriate governance of digitization projects from the perspective of patient organizations.

In addition, the University Medical Center Göttingen also develops a catalog of criteria for the ethical evaluation of appropriate governance, which will be complemented by the teams of subproject 1 and subproject 2.


Prof. dr. Claudia Wiesemann
Marion Schmidt, PhD
Sara Köthemann, M.A.

Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine
University Medical Center Göttingen
Humboldtallee 36
D-37073 Göttingen, Germany
Telephone: 0551-3969006 (Secretariat, Frau Susanne Günther-Fecke)
E-mail: sguenth@gwdg.de